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The currency of stories


One of the clients I have the pleasure of working with over the past decade is NIACE – The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education. They champion adult learning and encourage the government to look favourably upon it too.

I’m exceptionally grateful to NIACE because they made me consciously aware of what I had been unconsciously aware of when I worked as a video journalist at the BBC. I had a feeling back then that a good story was a good thing. But NIACE made me realise that a good story is more than that. It has value.

It was at one of their Adult Learners’ Awards Ceremonies that Verity Bullough from the Skills Funding Agency said, ”People aren’t inspired by lists of information… but it’s people’s stories that people really go for.”

Yes. Facts tell. Stories sell. But it was filming their chief Executive NAME that I became aware of how crucial stories are to their make up. Funnily enough he did this by telling story: a story about a florist and how his story swayed government.

To NIACE, stories are more than a good thing. They have value. And they can be used as currency.